The viewers and listeners perceive the TV ads and radio as annoying interruptions of your favorite shows. In contrast, customers are more receptive to Indoor Media Out-of-Home, since ads bring relevant and useful information that helps them make the correct decisions.

Consumers are more likely to buy viewing an ad located near a point of business rather than watching the TV at home. The newspaper or magazine ads are usually seen only once a day, while the market exposure offered by RP Media appears much more often. This media reaches people with limited or no newspapers or local television exposure.

Your ad will be displayed for active people. With PR Media you have an advantage over other advertisers because the consumer has access to a new environment that reaches above and beyond. The multimedia animations on the screen with superior quality compared to the conventional media, calls the attention to the viewer and makes them more involved.

Economy in advertising and distribution parts. By advertising in conventional media, a company needs to produce different file formats. With Indoor Media Out-of-Home the advertiser can convey its advertising in many different places without having to adapt it to all monitors and points of business.

The RP Media rapidly deploy your campaign using our 100% reliable method. The points/businesses where the media are advertised will be monitored by our quality managers assured with ongoing maintenance to ensure your complete satisfaction and exposure.

It’s also extremely eco-friendly, preserving trees; allows quick edits, and adds movement, which draws the attention of the consumers.

Digital signage offers a dynamic, driven and efficient way of communication between the advertiser and the consumers. This technology allows images, whether static or dynamic, on video screens or projectors in order to promote products and services.

The RP Media gives you an opportunity you cannot afford to miss.