Media History

The Digital Media Out-Of-Home begins somewhat with the use of electrical transmissions, where advertisers started looking for ways to get the attention of their customers through electrical signals.

The concept of Digital Media Out-Of-Home took shape with the popularization of the VCRs, used in businesses during the 80’s but it was after the 90’s that the concept took off with the popularization of the video and the internet. Later on, with an adequate telecommunications infrastructure and the evolution of PC’s, softwares were created to manage the abundant availability of content, we were watching as the market demanded new effective marketing techniques.

More recently with the maturation of electronic of flat and thin displays, frame type and screens technologies influenced the architecture, the environment and the design of furniture and appliances.

The way the space is occupied for the placement of the electronic displays enabled networks and platforms to distribute quality of information, in the right places, at the right time, pointing to the path of a much more interactive segmentation and personalization of content.